Since 2018, SSB JOURNALS has been a pioneer in scholarly, open-access publication, assisting academic communities. SSB JOURNALS is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and its purpose is to promote free scientific interaction in all formats and across all fields.
Academic professionals who embrace our goal, beliefs, and dedication to provide high-quality service to our authors contribute to our varied, peer-reviewed, open-access journals. We work with researchers from all around the world to guarantee that the most recent research is publicly available, and all information is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).


  • SSB Global Journal of Medical Science

    Original research papers, reviews, and brief research communications in any medical-related field may be submitted to the Journal with the understanding that the work has not been previously published in whole or in part and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Basic scientific and clinical medicine manuscripts are also examined. The length of research articles and reviews is not limited, however writers are advised to be brief. The length of a short research communication is limited to 2500 words.

  • International Journal of Social Science and Gender Studies

    The "International Journal of Social Science and Gender Studies (IJSGS)," affiliated with the Puliser TSSB Center of Research and Development and led by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Profulla C. Sarker, is a premier publication dedicated to advancing research in social science and gender studies. With a commitment to interdisciplinary excellence, inclusivity, and diversity, our open-access journal encourages the global scholarly community to contribute original research, reviews, and essays. We uphold the highest standards of peer review to ensure the quality of publications, amplifying voices that often go unheard and promoting knowledge dissemination for a more equitable and just world. Join us in our mission to foster critical discourse and deeper understanding in these vital fields.

  • SSB Global Journal of Public Health

    The SSB Global Journal of Public Health (SSBGJPH): From Theory to Practice is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the research and debate of global public health concerns. It analyzes the societal and human elements that influence fundamental public health conditions, analyzes causal interrelationships, and provides a scientifically solid explanation for personal, social, and political intervention actions. Contributions from epidemiology, health economics, environmental health, management, social sciences, ethics, and law are included.

  • Bangladesh Journal of Nursing Studies

    The Bangladesh Journal of Nursing Studies (BJNS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to advancing nursing science, practice, education, and research within the context of Bangladesh. Our journal serves as a platform for nursing professionals, educators, researchers, and policymakers to disseminate their scholarly work, exchange knowledge, and contribute to the growth and enhancement of nursing in Bangladesh.

  • SSB Global Journal of Environmental Research

    The goal of this journal is to provide a venue for scholars all over the world to quickly publish, exchange, and discuss new findings and breakthroughs in the many fields of environmental sciences. The SSB Global Journal of Environmental Research (SSBGJER) is an interdisciplinary journal that covers all elements of the environment. Environmental science, engineering, management and planning, urban and regional landscape design, and natural catastrophe management are examples of these.

  • SSB Global Journal Of Management Studies

    The SSB Global Journal of Management Studies (SSBGJOMS) is dedicated to publishing academic empirical and theoretical research papers with a broad influence on the management sector. The journal promotes the submission of fresh ideas or views on current research. Business strategy and policy, organizational behavior, human resource management, organizational theory, entrepreneurship, and research methods are all covered in the journal. Review issues are released twice a year, between January and July. These issues comprise frequently read and quoted compilations of management papers that have become an important resource for management researchers.

  • SSB Global Journal of Engineering Science

    The SSB Global Journal of Engineering Science (SSBGJES) is dedicated to a wide range of subfields in the engineering sciences rather than a specific aspect of science and engineering. While it welcomes a wide range of contributions in the engineering sciences, its primary focus is on material modeling and reactions. Interdisciplinary articles are especially encouraged.

    The new editors' principal priority is to keep publishing quality high. There will be an agreement to shorten the time it takes for the papers to be published. The identities of the writers will be removed from the articles filed for evaluation in order to improve the impartiality and fairness of the review process.

    Articles devoted only to mathematics with no explanation of the physical ramifications of the conclusions or studies of specific cases are discouraged. Material science articles should not be restricted to a description and recording of observations but should also include a theoretical or quantitative interpretation of the data.


  • SSB Global Journal of Social Sciences

    TSSB publishes the refereed SSB Global Journal of Social Sciences (SSBGJSS) biannually. Manuscripts in the subjects of Economics, Political Science, Geography, Psychology, Social Anthropology, and Sociology are encouraged to be submitted. Original research and analysis should be used to support submissions. The information published must be accurate and theoretically significant.

  • SSB Global Journal of Agricultural Science

    The Top Scholars Society of Bangladesh publishes the worldwide, double-blind, open-access SSB Global Journal of Agricultural Science (SSBGJAS). Every half-year, it publishes articles on original research, practical applications, and instruction in all fields of agricultural science.
    The SSB Global Journal of Agricultural Science (SSBGJAS) aims to offer the greatest opportunity for scholars and researchers from all around the world to share their most recent findings. The submission of finished, unpublished, original works that are not currently being considered by any other journals is welcomed. The journal is published in both print and online formats, with the latter being open access.